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John Gardner Small Craft Workshop
On June 26-28, Mystic Seaport is partnering with WoodenBoat and Traditional Small Craft Association to host the John Gardner Small
Craft Workshop as part of the WoodenBoat Show.
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Club Project: Nina

At the January meeting, JGTSCA members selected Nina, a flat-bottom sailing skiff, as the next club building project.

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Welcome to the John Gardner Chapter of the
Traditional Small Craft Association

Whether you have an interest in traditional boatbuilding, messing about in small boats, or helping to preserve our maritime heritage -- come join us and share the comradery of kindred spirits. We invite you to attend one of our meetings, go for a row, or help with our next boatbuilding project.

"Our obligation is to make sure that the richness of our small craft heritage
is passed on intact to the generations that will come after us
." -- John Gardner

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  April Newsletter - The Flat-Bottom skiff shaped like a Grandma's iron   May Newsletter - The Butthead skiff, flat at both ends   June Newsletter - The Chesapeake Bay Crab skiff, with a long skeg   September Newsletter - "Nina" is a 11-1/2 ft flat bottomed skiff  



Brian Mitsch's Boat Building Scrap Boat

JGTSCA member Brian Mitsch gave an interesting presentation on his family's boating history and his passion for designing, building, and racing stock outboard boats.

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Nina plans

Building the Sailing Skiff Nina

The JGTSCA have decided that the next club boatbuilding project will be the Atkin design sailing skiff Ninal.

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