CRBB Officers


Steve Kingery
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Vice President

Pete Redston
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Bill Whalen
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Steve. Project manager. Big projects. Good manager.

Bill. Good with tools, beer, cigars, people. Well, three out of four ain't bad.

Nina. This bench dog is the smallest thing Nina ever made.

Most of her constructions take three or four people to lift.

Mike. The devil in the details.

Ed. Get's the job done. Right. First time!

New Bill. Our go-to guy for things that need turned, sawn, drilled, lifted!

Bob. Rip saw! Beveler! Give him a looong plank to work!

Pete. Turn-to, get the task done and then some!

Coracle Mike. Loquatious, entertaining and seamanlike!

David. Marlinspike seamanship! Shipfitter bar none.

Barry. Measure twice, cut once! Methods and madness.

John. Our go-to guy for things!

Cedar Key Bob. Carved and painted signage! Ropework. Nautical pieces and parts.

CRBB Membership and levels of participation

Park Volunteer

Anyone who wants to participate in CRBB projects is welcome! Since we are a part of the program of the Florida State Parks, registration as a parks volunteer is necessary. There are mutual benefits to this: volunteers receive training in Parks policies and procedures, they are covered by Park workman's compensation, and they are recognized throughout the Park system. Sign up as a volunteer at the CRPSP office.


To become a member of the CRBB, and share in the decision making and planning one must be a member of the TSCA (Traditional Small Craft Association) and the Friends of the Park.

TSCA Membership

TSCA membership brings many benefits, including a subscription to the monthly newsletter ASH BREEZE, access to the expertise of the TSCA membership, and reduced rates for TSCA events and merchandise.
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Friends of CRPSP

Becoming a Friend of the Park shows that one has an interest in all Florida State Parks, it helps foster the good works that the Friends do, and supports (through the yearly dues) many worthwhile projects benefitting the park and the community. As the Friends organization acts as our financial arm, membership in the Friends ensures that our aims and goals are represented.
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