CRBB Mini Sharpie Skiff Building Contest


Build two wooden saw horses to use for your build (donated to CRBB after build)
Builder to supply all materials and supplies (boat will belong to the builder)
Boat will be built to the chine log version plans as seen at here.
Boat will be built at the CRBB boat shop using only hand tools.
Construction glue and/or waterproof carpenter glue may be used in conjunction with fasteners,
No epoxy or re-enforcement fabric may be used.
Sailing version encouraged but not required.


Judging by CRBB officials based on craftsmanship and a rowing race. Sailing races may follow.


A handsome engraved Beer Stein will be awarded to the winner!
Beer to the losers.

CRBB would like to thank Mini Sharpie Skiff designer David J.Beede
for permission to use his copyrighted design.

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