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Traditional Small Craft Association

Our emphasis is on "tradition"....

these are the sights and sounds of tradition....

The Gulf Coast Scow Sloop....

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The 2014 BASH -- last weekend in April!
Lots of little boats, one BIG boat!
More info here...

You can become a Plankowner of the CRBB scow.
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Bibliography of Florida small craft and sailing -- with a historical perspective!
(We're looking for input on this project -- let us know about your favorite Florida books!)

Boatbuilders always had an uncle or grandfather who could tell them how to figure something out...they usually said "Here's a rule of thumb"...
these are some of our collected Rules of Thumb.
(We're looking for input on this project -- these are sometimes called "horses" or "gouges" or, to submariners, "oolies" --
let us know about your favorite ones...

Our Scow Project

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