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Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival
9-11 Sep
Port Townsend, WA

Pine Lake TSCA messabout
17 Sep
Lansing Sailing Club, 6039 E. Lake Dr., Haslett, MI

Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival XXXIII and 11th Maritime Model Expo
1-2 Oct
St. Michaels, MD

Port Aransas plyWooden Boat Festival
8-10 Oct
Port Aransas, TX

Annual Georgetown Wooden Boat Show
15-16 Oct
Georgetown, SC

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Traditional Small Craft

19th-century America saw the development of boats that rank as some of the most beautiful, most efficient, and most perfectly adapted boats ever conceived. Catboats, Whitehalls, wherries, peapods, dories, sharpies -- the list is seemingly endless and filled with wildly different designs and uses that share one thing in common: they each represent a long line of development that resulted in boats that were, and remain, virtually unsurpassable for their intended purposes...

-- Larry Feeney

Current News

Independence Seaport Museum seeks Superintendent of Boats and Docks and Boat Shop Programs Instructor

Superintendent of Boats and Docks positions.

Reporting to the Vice President of Interpretation and Visitor Experience, the Superintendent of Boats and Docks will have both internal and external responsibilities, ranging from public presentations to overseeing preservation project management to administrative tasks. The position oversees the Workshop on the Water, Historic Ships and Waterfront Departments. This position will work closely with the Education and Curatorial departments, along with Development and Marketing personnel, to guide the future growth and strategic initiatives to assure preservation and public access to our two National Historic Landmark Vessels: Submarine Becuna and Cruiser Olympia. The position will assist in development of engineering initiatives in all areas of the institution.

Details are available here.

Boat Shop Programs Instructor

The Boat Shop Programs Instructor position is responsible for assisting in the teaching of the SAILOR (Science and Art, Innovative Learning On the River) Program along with the full-time Boatbuilder Educator in Independence Seaport Museum’s traditional wooden boat shop, the Workshop on the Water. In addition, this person will help with prepping materials for classes and pushing the boats forward in between classes. The SAILOR Program’s main goal is to use traditional wooden boatbuilding as a vehicle for teaching 7th through 12th grade Philadelphia students about key concepts in math, engineering, science, leadership, teamwork, design and tool safety. When needed, the Boat Shop Programs Instructor will also assist the Boatbuilder Educator in other non-SAILOR Boat shop Education programs.

Details are available here.

BoatUS MMSI Registration Service Includes BoatUS Membership

ALEXANDRIA, VA, June 9, 2016 -- In 1991, BoatUS made it easier for recreational boaters on US waters to own a VHF radio by helping to convince Congress to eliminate the $150 annual license requirement and fee. Nine years later, BoatUS began a no-cost DSC-VHF radio Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI boatus.com/mmsi/) registration service that has become the largest of its kind. Now, BoatUS offers an easy online MMSI registration for $25 that makes obtaining an MMSI number simple, adds an extra layer of safety by partnering with the US Coast Guard to share information, and offers valuable boater benefits. This registration fee includes complimentary BoatUS membership.

“Because our on water dispatch centers never close, BoatUS can help expedite a US Coast Guard response at any hour and provide boat and emergency contact information,” said BoatUS President Margaret Podlich. “It’s about giving rescuers descriptive information as quickly as possible to improve the odds of a successful rescue.” A recently signed Memorandum of Understanding with the US Coast Guard cements the relationship.

Boaters often refer to an MMSI number as the boat’s “telephone” number, however the technology and on water advantages go far beyond simply being able to call other boats directly. When properly connected to a chartplotter/GPS, a Digital Selective Calling (DSC) VHF speeds rescuer’s response times by using precise location information. DSC also makes it very simple to trigger a Mayday call with one touch of the red distress button, and the technology works seamlessly with America’s modern, national Rescue-21 system.

Over 150,000 boaters have chosen the BoatUS’ MMSI registration service, which unlike other providers allows easy updating if the boat’s contact, location information changes and offers other convenient features for the boater. “This program is positioned to grow with the ever changing world of DSC and boat owner needs,” added Podlich.

Recreational boaters who operate only in US waters can obtain their MMSI at BoatUS.com/mmsi. For a look at how DSC VHF works, BoatUS offers a free online DSC VHF tutorial at BoatUS.org/dsc.

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